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 June 25

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Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

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Our Mission is dedicated to providing you with concise, easy-to-read information and ideas to help you understand the essentials of entrepreneurship. It is also dedicated to creating an online community that meets the needs of people who are thinking about starting a business and those who are searching for ideas, resources and inspiration.

Our Goals

  1. IF YOU have ever read a business guide that tells you how to build an exciting prosperous business yet is the most boring book you have ever read, well our guides aren't like that.

  2. OUR planning materials are designed as tools. Each is an anthology of ideas and information on a specific small business subject. Each was inspired under the belief that potential entrepreneurs must first saturate their brain with business-related facts and concepts before taking the entrepreneurial plunge.

  3. OUR planning materials are not about getting, extracting, exploiting or 6,000 ways to get rich. They are about planning, experimenting, exploring, achieving and most of all doing. They don't try and impress you with get-quick-rich schemes, bore you with experiential details, or reveal never told before secrets. They are books you can skim through cover to cover in three hours, spend a day on a single page, or put aside until you need some glue for a new idea you've just come up with. Their value lies not in how closely you follow their content, but in how you manipulate the content to your own advantage.

  4. EACH guide has been written and designed to be as independent as possible yet at the same time carefully related to the whole.

  5. INFORMATION has been organized alphabetically, from general to specific, or from most to least important.

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